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My art is the culmination of a journey.


Each piece takes me on a new journey of discovery: The discovery of freedom of the imagination. 

I am inspired by color, a theme, a statement, or simple randomness.

Like the writer who starts with a word, I start with an image. The final story for a writer is expressed in words; My story is displayed in images.

My work is a fusion of the old and new, of photographs, quotes, scans, shapes, objects, and typography digitally woven together. 

I describe my art as sometimes "elegantly haphazard", "whimsical", "indiscriminate", and "thought provoking". 

One must look closely to see the many glimpses that make up my story. 

~ Exhibits 2014-Present ~

December 2019

Exhibit "Small works"

Marion Art Center 

Marion, MA

November, 2019

Exhibit "Pop Art 2.0"

The Art Center 

Highland Park, IL

September 2019

Exhibit "group show"

Zullo Gallery

Medfield, MA

April 2018

Exhibit "Eklektikos" The artistry of Ray Genereux

James Library and Center for the Arts

Norwell, MA

April 2018

Exhibit "Proto_Pop"

H Gallert

Ventura, CA

March 2018

Exhibit "We The People"

James Library and Center for the Arts

Norwell, MA

December 2017

Exhibit "Small Works"

South Shore Art Center

Dillon Gallery

Cohasset, MA

May 2017

Haus Eberhard Cultural Center of the City

Diez, Germany 

April 2017

Municipal Museum of Nassau

Leifheit-Haus, Germany 

Intercultural Art Instillation

March 2017 

Cologne Cultural Center

Cologne-Mühlheim, Germany 

April 2017

Exhibit "Color Theories"

South Shore Art Center

Dillon Gallery

Cohasset, MA

December 2016

Exhibit "Fascination of Worldwide Art and Color"

Königswinter, Germany 

November 2016

Exhibit "Small Works"

South Shore Art Center

Dillon Gallery 

Cohasset MA

October 2016

Exhibit "In Your Dreams"

Marin Society of Artists

San Rafael, CA

October 2014-January 2015

Exhibit "Works by Ray Genereux"

South Shore Conservatory 

Palmer Gallery

Hingham, MA

December 2014

Exhibit "Small Works" 

Stove Factory Gallery

Charlestown, MA

August 2014

Blue Ribbon Member's Show

South Shore Art Center

Cohasset, MA

April 2014

Exhibit "Eklektikos: Works by Ray Genereux" 

New Bedford Art Museum 

New Bedford, MA

January-March 2014

Exhibit "Wicked"

Fountain Street Fine Art

Framingham, MA

January 2014

Exhibit "Made in America"

"American Pop icon nostalgic graphic goodness! Two crisp, color saturated digital collage mash-ups of familiar New York and 50's and 60's Pop culture references. Nicely composes, printed, and presented." - Juror Laura Montgomery

South Shore Art Center 

Cohasset, MA

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